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I can help you to

Rediscover Yourself

If you are seeking...


I help people rediscover their true self when they have become lost.

Losing your sense of self (your identity) can appear in many forms and for many reasons. For example, having children, changes at work, bereavement & loss, relationship changes, abuse, traumatic experiences and retirement are just some of the many situations which can leave people feeling that they have a lost a sense of who they are. If you’ve found yourself questioning your values, your path in life, or the answer to the question, “Who am I?” you may be struggling with something which is often able to be resolved through the self-exploration which therapy provides. If you are feeling lost like this, you may be.

  • Questioning your character and your own opinion of yourself

  • Questioning your purpose and passion in life

  • Experiencing anxiety or unrest

  • Switching your values and choices frequently to match others

  • Finding it difficult to answer questions about yourself

  • Having difficulty trusting your ability to make decisions

Build Confidence
Realise Change

When decisions are impossible to make, so you’re constantly questioning yourself and tying yourself in knots over everything from the big stuff to every day choices. When it’s hard to feel good about anything you do or who you are. When you find yourself dreaming about that person who knew what they wanted and could take action without so much stress and worry.

Because you may have experienced a difficult change and need to talk through what it means for you and how you can adapt to it.


Alternatively, you may feel that something needs to change for you and you need some help to identify it, understand it or find the motivation to make positive change happen for you.

Gain Self-esteem

When you feel like an impostor or have feelings of not belonging, or not being good enough. You may even think that sometimes you don't deserve the best things for yourself. This makes you hide yourself away from social situations, stop trying new things, and avoid things you find challenging, which could make you feel worse.

Boost Creativity

For when you fear the unknown and don't start things unless they're planned in advance. When you have lost a part of you that is playful and adventurous. You find it hard to break out of routines, try new things and find new ways. You may find it hard to imagine a better future for yourself, or find it hard to find the motivation to make positive changes for yourself.

Seek Your Identity

To regain your identity is to know yourself better. It can help you have a deeper understanding of the things you value most, and clarify what is really important for you. It is easier to understand the things that may have happened to you, how they affect you and can make them feel more bearable. Confidence and strength come from a greater self-awareness, along with a sense of meaning, self-belief and place in the World.

New Sense of Self

Your new sense of self isn't some hidden person inside you. It isn't you from the past either. It is all of your life experiences joined together with an understanding of who you are right now, what your needs are, knowing your worth and what your hopes are for the future, and feeling confident and contented with yourself so that you can use this solid centre to seek the life you deserve.

Life and circumstances have a habit of leading us to places where we can suddenly find ourselves asking, "How did I get here?". These feelings can often feel very confusing. They can seem complicated or even overwhelming... you may even feel anxiety, shame or guilt for wishing something different for yourself. I can understand that you have reached a point where you would like to find your own way again.

I specialise in helping people through these kinds of issues, and I can help you through this time, by providing you the opportunity to explore some important aspects of your self.

How I Can Help

About Me

My Background

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, working both face-to-face and also trained to work online. I qualified with a First-Class Honours Degree in Integrated Counselling and Art Therapy and am also a trained educator and coach.


I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP) and also an Accredited Member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (MNCS Accred) and so I follow their code of ethics in my work.


I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment in North Lancing, where we can work together towards wellness.

I haven't always been a therapist, and have worked in Creative Media, Software Development and Team Leadership, in a range of different environments, from small studios to large, corporate, open plan offices.


I am also a keen artist, and have a degree in Visual and Performance Art. If you are interested in seeing my artistsic side, you can visit my other website at I have experienced being a parent and experienced loss and other changes in my life. I bring my life experiences, my creative life and my training to my work as a therapist.

My Philosophy

The first thing that I want you to know is that I am deeply passionate about what I do. It's a privilege to sit in a room with another human being and have them share with you their suffering, their joy, their anger, their confusion, their sorrow, their successes. I view the therapy room as a highly creative and authentic space, where you can truly be yourself, with no judgement, no criticism, only understanding & genuineness.


It is my job to hear your story, understand your perspective and guide you with your best interest in mind. I approach therapy with creativity, optimism and hope. I challenge my clients to open themselves up to change and personal growth by increasing their awareness around their thought processes, their patterns of functioning and their relationships with others. I understand that it can take a great deal of courage and energy to make that first contact and start counselling or therapy, so I am always mindful and respectful of that.

I have a strong belief that there is beauty in imperfection. If you are reading this, you are probably already very serious about taking steps to help yourself feel well again and seek out a better life that you may have imagined for yourself. I believe that when anything is repaired with care and compassion, then the end result is something even more valuable than it was before. I know that this is especially true for people. As we travel through life, we can get hurt and we can bear the scars of difficult times, but there is great beauty and truth in imperfection. It is these imperfections which make us all different and uniquely special. These are our signs of our own experiences and our wisdom.


Book A FREE Introductory Session

I offer a free online video consultation, which lasts between 20-30 minutes. It provides time to ask questions and for us to talk about why you are seeking counselling and whether we think counselling with me is suitable for you. 

Use the button below to open my quick and easy online booking system. Alternatively, use my contact form to request a booking.

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